Counting Crows – Chastain

July 19, 2010



Last night I visited Chastain to listen to another one of my favorite bands from back in the day – Counting Crows. They played with Augustana, and by with, I don’t mean Augustana opened for them. There was actually no opener, and both bands (and some rapper guy named Notar) played together the whole night switching people out depending on what song they were performing. Great night of music. One of my favorites was actually the opener when they all played Van Morrison’s “Caravan”.

I last saw Counting Crows two summers ago, before the last presidential election. Towards the end of the set, lead singer Adam Duritz began a political rant, and I remember thinking “this isn’t going to end well for me”. Because let’s be honest – my political views don’t often match those of the entertainment world. But somewhere around the middle of the tirade he told the crowd -“I don’t give a flying fuck who you vote for, as long as you get off the couch and take part in the process”. I loved it.

Two years later, it’s again an election year, and Adam Duritz begins a similar political pep talk last night. While his speech didn’t include quite as memorable of a line, the sentiment was still there. Who knows if he and I have similar views, but I love the guy for just encouraging people to take part regardless of who they vote for.

…Selfishly though, I would be interested to hear someone with a liberal agenda start spouting off at Chastain. Because let’s face it, that would go over about as well as a fart in church.

but I digress.

One interesting thing I noticed last night was that during the show, Adam Duritz had five wardrobe changes – all to different black t-shirts. He first appeared in a Nirvana shirt, then a shirt that read “Sleep is so last night”, followed by a Ramones shirt, followed by a shirt with some design that I didn’t recognize, followed by a Beatles shirt to end the night. I guess the dude sweats a lot?

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