Glacier National Park – Highline Trail

August 21, 2014

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The Highline Trail runs 15.2 miles just underneath the Continental Divide from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet.  We didn’t hike the whole way, but we did walk about a mile into it from Logan Pass.  The views off of it are amazing, but it’s also a little scary because the trail itself is cut into the mountain, and runs over the Going to the Sun Road.

The Green “hand rail” in the picture is a garden hose!


We passed a guy hiking from the other direction, and his greeting was “that’s pretty intense”!  Check out the trail ledge on the left hand of the picture, and the road below it.

The year before we were at the park, someone had fallen off the trail onto the road and died.  The trail hadn’t opened yet for the season so it was still covered in snow and ice, and he slipped.


The trail runs right above the road, and you really could fall off it you’re not careful!


Looking back into the valley with the Going to the Sun Road, and the Highline Trail.

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