Restaurant: Antico – Atlanta

January 4, 2015

Atlanta, Restaurants


April and I love pizza.  A lot.  I grew up going to Felini’s and have always thought it was the best in Atlanta.  I spent many nights there hanging with friends, and for me it was the gold standard.  Until I had Antico.

Antico is a funny place.  There’s only first come first serve picnic style seating, and you’re typically sitting on top of someone else at all times.  They blast classic Italian music over the speakers so loud that you can barely hold a conversation, they won’t substitute anything on a pizza, and the three ovens ensure that it’s 900 degrees at all times… in the restaurant.

Despite all of that, the place is always PACKED.  That’s how good this pizza is.

April and I always get the pepperoni pizza.  The pepperoni has just the right kick to it, and the mozzarella is outstanding.  You can probably find us there two – three times a month!

1093 Hemphill Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318

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