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Colorado Springs

May 4, 2008


If I only learned one thing about Colorado Springs, it’s that people there love to dance.

Half of last week I was in Colorado Springs for work, and on two consecutive nights, we ran into people serious about their dancing.

The first night, we walked into our hotel bar, where we were immediately transmitted back into the 1970’s. The bar looked like it hadn’t been updated since in every fashion. The dance floor was packed, and I’d be shocked if anyone on that dance floor was under 50 years old. In fact, most of them were over 60, and a good handful of them were in their 80’s. I swear I’m not making that up. For the 80 year olds, their idea of dancing was more like slowly walking, but I digress.

Apparently this same group of people had been coming every Thursday to this place for over 20 years. The funniest part was that at one point, the DJ played about 5 songs in a row that had their own distinct dance (electric slide, etc…), and they knew all the moves without skipping a beat!

The second night, we had dinner at the Broadmoor Hotel (a very expensive, and somewhat famous hotel), and in the restaurant there was a band. Now, if you will, picture everything from the first night, but now with a classier crowd. Still had people in their 80’s slowly walking around, calling it dancing, still didn’t have anyone under 50 on the dance floor. We left when a guy with an oxygen tank came in…

The whole thing was quite surreal, I’ve never been around so many old people dancing before. But hey, they looked like they were having a ball.

As far as the rest of Colorado Springs, it looked really cool. I wish I’d had more time to explore, and is definitely somewhere I’d like to go back to. The flight was reasonably price, nonstop, and there looks like a lot of fun things to do out there.

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