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Charleston Wedding

November 21, 2014


Congrats to Todd and Nicole!  Your setting was awesome, and we’re so happy to be a part of your big day.  Enjoyed seeing some of the other AKLs there too.


Waiting for the ceremony to start – in front of the Avenue of the Oaks at Chalrestowne Landing.


Enjoying the evening!


Great to hang out with Todd, Brent, and Brian!


The happy couple!

We actually spent the whole weekend in Charleston, but apparently I didn’t take any other pictures….  =\

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Nathan Angelo – Born To Love You

July 12, 2014


Nathan Angelo recently played at Eddie’s Attic, and his song Born To Love You is one of my favorites.  April and I used the acoustic version of this song as our first dance song at our wedding!

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The Bahamas – Sandals Emerald Bay

April 27, 2014


For our one year anniversary, April and I went back to the Caribbean.  We loved going to an all inclusive on our honeymoon, and I was ready to sit back, relax, and sip frozen drinks by the pool all day again!


We spent most of our time hanging out in the main activity pool.  On our honeymoon I fell in love with a good Pina Colada, but at Sandals I couldn’t get enough of another frozen drink called the Dirty Banana.


Our room was wonderful!  It was huge, and had lots of space to spread out.  The bed was even very comfortable, and that’s hard for me to find!


The bathroom was also huge with a separate toilet room.


The shower was so big that you could easily stand in it without being under the water.


Every room had a view of the water, and I took this from our balcony one night.  Just posting it here makes me want to go back!


While we loved our stay and the resort was amazingly beautiful, the staff’s attention to detail was lacking a few times.  We didn’t know the Wheeler’s, but we wished them a happy anniversary too!  Guess it’s the thought that counts?

BahamasGorgeous beach!

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Wedding Weekend

April 27, 2013


Married April in Asheville on a perfect spring day.

rehersal dinner

Our Rehearsal Dinner was held at The Market Place restaurant.  The food was wonderful, and it was so strange to see so many of our friends from over the years and family all in one place, but we loved telling stories that some friends had been a part of, but others had never heard before.


All the guys beforehand.


And the ladies…


During the ceremony at Claxton Farm.  No water works from either of us, but there was a “say what?” when the pastor wanted April to repeat a little too much at once…


Claxton Farm was gorgeous for pictures.  This is one of our favorites!

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Bachelor Party

March 20, 2013


photoI’m not the wild and crazy type.  My bachelor’s party was never going to be the strippers swinging from the rafters type of ordeal.  That said, I still wanted to do something fun.  When my brother got married, I flew up to where he was living at the time and a big group of his friends went to a cabin for the weekend.  I only knew one other guy there beforehand, but we all bonded and had a great weekend.

For my bachelor party, I wanted to do something similar.  I was lucky enough that after giving some strategic oversight, my brother planned the whole thing out – and he did an awesome job.  We ate dinner at Mellow Mushroom on Friday night, which allowed the guys in town with kids to be able to join us for something – because they weren’t getting out of the house all weekend.  Then Saturday morning, we drove up to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  I didn’t know it at the time, but the first stop was actually a round of skeet shooting!

At one of the stations, two clay pigeons are fired at the time same, and their flight paths are such that if you wait for just the right moment, you can hit both of them with a single shot.  All the guys were pumped about the possibility of hitting that perfect shot, but we were all were intimidated by it.  Heck, I had a hard enough time hitting one pigeon at a time!  But for whatever reason, God decided to grant me grace and on my second attempt… BANG – I did it!


The picture above is me showing off the extra shell I didn’t need that round.

A couple of the other guys were lucky enough to hit that same 2 for 1 shot, but somehow I pulled off the miracle first.  Funny though, the only two guys who didn’t hit the combo had the two highest scores at the end!

Afterwards we grabbed barbecue for dinner, went to the cabin, and just hung out.  Nothing crazy, just good quality time with the guys.

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