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Glacier National Park

August 23, 2014



After having so much fun in Yosemite National Park last year, we took our second National Park trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.


There’s really only one main road through the park – Going to the Sun Road.  The views off of it are spectacular, but it’s also one of the scariest roads I’ve ever driven.  After it starts going up into the mountains, it’s cut right out of the side of the mountain and drops straight off the other side.


Another view off Going to the Sun Road.


Logan Pass is about halfway through the park and there are several trails from there (including the Highline Trail).


We hiked up to the Hidden Lake Overlook from Logan Pass.  It was an easy hike on a boardwalk.


Hidden Lake Overlook.


Another view of Hidden Lake.


On the way back from Hidden Lake Overlook – April is just taking it all in!


Another view from Logan Pass.


All of the views are just amazing!

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Glacier National Park – Iceberg Lake

August 22, 2014


On our last day in the park, we hiked up to Iceberg Lake.  It’s a 9.7 mile round trip trail that leads up to an beautiful lake that (you guessed it) has floating icebergs in it year round.  My father and brother did this hike a few years ago when they came to the park, and I really wanted to see it for myself.


Heading into the trail head in Many Glacier, you  drive along Lake Sherburne.  The views, like everywhere else in the park are amazing.


You know it’s going to be a good hike when they immediately warn you of bears.  I was prepared though – I had my bear spray ready!


Hiking along the way!


Along the trail to Iceberg Lake, we heard some noises right off the trail that sounded like an animal.  After the bear warning, we didn’t want to stop and investigate…


April later searched the internet for bear sounds, and she swears we came within feet of a bear!  I’m a little more skeptical, but… she’s probably right.


Crossing over a stream on the way to Iceberg Lake


We knew it was getting closer – but it seemed like we were almost there for two hours!


Finally, we got to the lake.  There were several people who swam in the lake, but I was not one of them!

It felt like it took forever to get there, and it was just as long getting back… It was amazing to be outside with these views all day, but by the time we finally got back to the trail head we could barely walk!

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Glacier National Park – Highline Trail

August 21, 2014



The Highline Trail runs 15.2 miles just underneath the Continental Divide from Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet.  We didn’t hike the whole way, but we did walk about a mile into it from Logan Pass.  The views off of it are amazing, but it’s also a little scary because the trail itself is cut into the mountain, and runs over the Going to the Sun Road.

The Green “hand rail” in the picture is a garden hose!


We passed a guy hiking from the other direction, and his greeting was “that’s pretty intense”!  Check out the trail ledge on the left hand of the picture, and the road below it.

The year before we were at the park, someone had fallen off the trail onto the road and died.  The trail hadn’t opened yet for the season so it was still covered in snow and ice, and he slipped.


The trail runs right above the road, and you really could fall off it you’re not careful!


Looking back into the valley with the Going to the Sun Road, and the Highline Trail.

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The Bahamas – Sandals Emerald Bay

April 27, 2014


For our one year anniversary, April and I went back to the Caribbean.  We loved going to an all inclusive on our honeymoon, and I was ready to sit back, relax, and sip frozen drinks by the pool all day again!


We spent most of our time hanging out in the main activity pool.  On our honeymoon I fell in love with a good Pina Colada, but at Sandals I couldn’t get enough of another frozen drink called the Dirty Banana.


Our room was wonderful!  It was huge, and had lots of space to spread out.  The bed was even very comfortable, and that’s hard for me to find!


The bathroom was also huge with a separate toilet room.


The shower was so big that you could easily stand in it without being under the water.


Every room had a view of the water, and I took this from our balcony one night.  Just posting it here makes me want to go back!


While we loved our stay and the resort was amazingly beautiful, the staff’s attention to detail was lacking a few times.  We didn’t know the Wheeler’s, but we wished them a happy anniversary too!  Guess it’s the thought that counts?

BahamasGorgeous beach!

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Steamboat Springs

February 24, 2014


After skiing in Crested Butte two years in a row, April and I were ready to try a new spot.  There are so many places I’d love to try, but Steamboat really stood out to everyone in our group.  We’ve had many friends go in the past and love it, so we knew we had to go there next!

steamboat downtown

The downtown has a traditional western look and feel to it that is inviting.  Being able to see the slopes from town is pretty cool too.


We stayed at the Eagle Ridge Lodge in a two bedroom condo, and let me be the first to say that going the condo route is definitely the best way to go when you’re traveling with friends.  I was a little nervous about not being able to walk to the slopes, but they had a bus that came by picking people up every 10-15 minutes, so we never had to wait long.  It dropped us off by the gondola, and off we went!

skiing view

The views of the Yampa Valley were amazing while coming down the mountain!  While April thought the slopes were a little too steep in Crested Butte, she loved learning more moves in Steamboat.  The slopes were a little more forgiving for the beginner.

sg ag3

On the third day, we all went snowmobiling in the Routt National Forrest.  This is one of April’s all time favorite activities, and she was super excited.  By the third day, I needed a little bit of rest from the slopes, so I decided to come along too.


Loved riding around in the outdoors with views like these!

group snomobile

Full group shot with Amy and Katie.

We loved going to Steamboat, and will definitely be back!

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